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Exercise is a celebration of what your body can do, not a punishment for what you ate

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#But did you die though?

"I started training with Sam about four/fiver years ago, since then I’ve learnt how to look after myself and stay as healthy as possible. I wanted to improve my body image and put weight and muscle on, Sam created a meal plan for me which showed me correct food I should be eating and when, learning exercises for every part of the body and how to use equipment with good form so I don’t create any injury’s. I highly recommend Sam if you’re wanted to change your life around and improve fitness, she puts 100% effort into helping you achieve goals and makes training fun."


- James

"I started training online with Sam during lockdown 1 when I’d put on a fair amount of weight. She came highly recommended and it only took one consultation and PT session for me to know that she was the right person to work with. Sam understood exactly what I needed so it’s been a really personalised plan from day 1. She pushes me hard, but it’s always because she wants the best outcomes for me. Since starting, I’ve lost weight, built muscle and got my figure back. And I actually look forward to my training sessions with Sam who is now not just my PT, but a fabulous friend. My lifestyle has changed dramatically and for the better; I’m fit, healthy and happy - can’t ask for more than that! Thank you isn’t enough, Sam" xx


- Teri 39

“Sam has been my personal trainer for 2 years and she’s absolutely fantastic. She has helped me become comfortable with working out and I have seen massive improvements in my body. I feel a lot stronger and confident all thanks to Sam and I really cannot recommend her enough.”

- Abi 30

"I've been training with Sam for a number of years, always with the aim of self-improvement. Having been a regular gym-goer for many years, I wanted to train with Sam after seeing the great results her clients have had through training with her. Sam has been there for me every step of the way - from creating my own training plan to guiding me to form healthy eating habits and to recognise what triggers me to make unhealthy choices. Sam is always there for her clients whenever needed, and she's never once complained at getting yet another text message from me telling her what I've eaten that day or simply wanting to sound out my frustrations. She's an unbelievably dedicated PT and will do what she can to keep you smiling but also push you to the limit and believe that you can do anything."

- Rachel 36

"I’ve been training with Sam for four years and it has changed my life. Sam has taught me how to improve my eating and exercise and has helped me get healthier and stronger! She’s always there if I feel like I need a push of encouragement or support, even with things outside of training. As well as helping me improve physically, she’s also managed to help me with my self-esteem and overall confidence. Every session is hard work but always rewarding and so much fun, I can’t recommend her enough!"


- Lexi 24

"Sam constantly strives to give all her clients the skillsets to achieve our goals. She takes an active interest and helps set sustainable and realistic goals, as well as being great at building confidence not just within a gym setting but in day to day life. She is approachable, motivational and engaging. I started training with Sam in March 2020 and her interactions have helped me not just physically but emotionally and mentally too. She takes an interest in getting to know you personally to help define the sessions - she’s kind and supportive. Sam is able to assist in an array of nutritional needs/advice, providing healthier alternatives, clean eating and making sure that you eat well; not going hungry!  She ensures that you train and recover well, also knowing when to make your work a little harder - keeping it enjoyable throughout. I would recommend her 100%!"

- Abi D 31

"I have been training with Sam for nearly 3 years and it has been the best experience. Before Sam, my lack of self-confidence made the gym a daunting place. I had an unhealthy relationship with food where I under ate or didn’t eat and then binge. 

Thanks to Sam I can now weight train with confidence and I live by the 80/20 clean eating rule, healthy mind, body and soul. 
Sam is very approachable and has the knowledge and skill to train anybody type no matter the goal. Sam also lives by the advice she gives, she trains hard and eats clean, which makes you feel that we’re in this together. 
It’s been a difficult couple of years with the pandemic, but Sam showed versatility and drive and quickly set up an online PT business that was fundamental in such an uncertain time. During the first lockdown, Sam continued to work me hard in our online sessions, provided content to use when training alone and was always there if I needed emotional support! As a result during lockdown, I lost over half and stone!!
Sam is a brilliant PT, and an inspirational person. I highly recommend it!" #ButDidYouDie?

- Sophie 30

"I have been training with Sam for almost 4 years. I can honestly say that I enjoy every single session, no two are ever the same. Sam also spurs me on to train in my own sessions giving me ideas to help keep me on track. I am challenged, pushed, encouraged and never felt better in myself & body."

- Laura 34

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